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Writing a biography on a life I've just begun wasn't ever a priority, but since I have to my name is Tyler Sladen. The most important things in my life are My wife Nicole Sladen of which I've been married too since 2013, Our son Falco Sladen, and friends, followed closely by My Employer Wildlife Command Center / Avian Strike force and the co-workers from those companies, they're a second family. 

I'm a Wildlife and Action sports Photographer from Massachusetts, I grew up riding Bmx and shooting action photos of fellow Bmx riders, Skateboarders, and other action sport athletes. My first publication was in Transworld Ride bmx, followed by Transworld surf and Thrasher skateboard magazine, when I graduated Ocean county vocational school for Photo and Graphic design I worked a job for the Boston Bruins as an Intern photographer, after a season of that I wanted more, a breakout if you will from a mundane day in and day out lifestyle behind a lens.  I joined the Army, as an M1a2 Abram's Tank Crewman, where I picked up the task of also being my units Photographer, I enjoyed my time, travels and the friends I picked up while serving, I got out of the Army to further my involvement in Falconry / Wildlife photography. from there I spent almost all my free time visiting new states, meeting new people shooting photos of wildlife, and travels. I've lived in almost every corner of the United states, and seen 47/50 of the states here. I currently reside in Albuquerque, New Mexico where I spend my winter's hunting quail with my goshawk over Vizsla's, and spring's hunting jack rabbits with my Harris's hawk. I've been working on filming more falconry ontop of photos, I hope to publish a DVD within the next few seasons.